I started Bathing Buff out of a need for all natural soaps for my own sensitive skin. I suffered with eczema for many years – trying many products that didn’t work for me. A friend suggested I try handmade soaps – I tried it and they worked! But high-priced, handmade soaps were just out of my budget. I decided to take my love for creating and my degrees in design (Architectural and Graphic) and translate it into soaps. I wanted to make soaps that were not only good for my skin, but beautiful to look at. 

Bathing Buff was born in 2013 when I started sharing my creations on my Facebook page. The love of the products soon grew to my family and then to friends and co-workers...now these wonderful bath & body indulgences are available to you! I take great pride in my company, my commitment to customer service and in the products I personally make and sell…Products that are made with love and natural, high quality ingredients…Products you can afford, but can’t afford to pass by! 

Our Products are 100% Handcrafted 

With care and a special commitment to supplying you with the highest quality products that are BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL AND BENEFICIAL TO YOUR SKIN. Many, many countless hours of personal research has gone into every recipe to provide you with an outstanding product that is of extraordinary quality. 

Bathing Buff soaps are made with a vegetable oil recipe of coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, safflower oil, and Shea butter. From there other fresh, skin loving ingredients are added like fresh goat's milk or organic honey or oats. Our soaps are: Detergent Free, SLS Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Non GMO, and of course, we never test our products on animals. 

Bathing Buff's mission is simple - to provide you with a beautiful product that is the best quality bath & body you can get, but at reasonable prices. We add a bit of everyday indulgence to your life. Check out our label and compare the ingredients to your usual store-bought soaps...you're sure to become a Bathing Buff!